Thank you Twitter. And Good Night.

25/04/2013 10:57

Right peeps. I have some news. On a rather epic scale. And it is 100% not related to Breast Cancer at all. Uh-uh. No way folks. It is cancer free. Organic. Virginal. But sweet and tasty news it be. And I bet you are all glad too - that it's not effing cancer related news - I mean. I bet you are all sick to the back teeth of reading about it. I am sick of writing about cancer. And talking about it. And living with it. Enough of the whole damn shit now really.

Anyway back to my epic news. As some of you may be aware, I do like my moosick. I have an eclectic and diverse taste in music (but no Jazz please!). I have been known to listen to Michael Buble's Cry me a River when I am completely wined-up (which hasn't happened for a long time - the wine I mean!). But generally speaking I like rock/emo/punk/alternative/goth etc. You know usual stuff that you find in the charts (not!) from bands such as Muse, Linkin Park, Placebo, MCR, Radiohead, Evanescence, etc. But as may have already guessed, my all time favourite band is FALL OUT BOY (no - you haven't guessed this? My God, what have you been doing all this time? ).

And the reason I like them. Well they are fine young men. And they kick out some rocking tunes. And the lyrics, man, the lyrics are amazing.

I have now discovered the power of Twitter and have recently started tweeting people (mainly celebs because normal people don't follow me so I have no-one to follow back - boohoo!) Usually I tweet when I have had a glass of wine (I am not recommending this or endorsing this in any way, shape or form).

And anyway I tweeted Patrick last night (he is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, by the way. Do please keep up!) And - tadadah - he replied back to my tweet (this is his second reply to me - yeah I am so rock and roll man!) to advise that he is having a brogue wearing shoe day. So I had a SSQQUUEEEEEEEEEEEE moment. And do you know what the best thing about it (apart from the fact that Patrick tweeted me - like O-M-G!) it was 100% NOT related to any cancer shit. No way. It was about normal stuff. Shoes! For one minute of one day, I did not think about the shitty cancer eating away inside of me, destroying me. I felt alive, I felt normal. I felt fun-bloody-tastic!

So I would like to say a massive Thank You to Patrick for replying to my tweet. And to Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy for the amazing band that is Fall Out Boy. And for the amazing music that they make with their amazing instruments and voices. I know none of them will ever read my blog. No one famous will ever read my blog. But you guys that read my blog - you rock  - so thank you for reading it.  I just had to write it down. Because it is great - this little thing - is massive for me. Normal stuff about shoes. 

And now, reality check. Back to the flipping grind of tests, consultants, visits, checks, bloods, scans and cancer-related bullshit. And I am reminded of the lyrics from "Death Valley" (go and check it on FOB's website - on iCloud - you know you want to) :

"Cause we are alive here in Death Valley"  and "We're gonna die, It's just a matter of time, Hard times come, Good times go, I'm either gone in an instant or here til the bitter end." (ALL RIGHTS TO FALL OUT BOY - I OWN NOTHING).

And listen to the dubstep. Man dubstep too. What more do you want from a track?

And, for all you ladies, in case you were wondering if they look as good as they sound? Oh yes, my friends they do. 


Right I have come over all unnecessary. Off for a wee lie down. But I will be back......