Chin up, kid!

Lorraine | 05/12/2013

Emma, you are amazing. How you can put up with it all and still carry on, I do not know. See if you can surf in and out of the tamoxifen and pray, as I will, that they come up with a different drug without so many side effects. Try not to let the cancer dominate your life although it must be so hard with it hanging over everything. Make sure you have lots of other life to outweigh it and what will be will be. Have a good Christmas - you have survived a hell of a year so celebrate!

Saying Hi!

June - September sapphires | 04/12/2013

Hello Emma,
Good to see your latest post and hear that you are still hitting your stalker hard :)
Tamoxifen sounds wrong for you. I know some Sapphires reported that different brands had different side effects, so maybe that is worth looking into?
We miss you on Facebook, call by the group some time if you feel like a chat.
Did you know that Peggy has Leukaemia? She is going through chemo again, and then a bone marrow or stem cell procedure in the new year.

Wishing you well,

Keep on rocking!

Lorraine | 29/08/2013

You rock too!!! xxx

well done

Anne | 25/07/2013

havent chatted for ages but so glad to hear your latest, weird that so much has happened to us since july last year, big hugs to you xx

Happy Anniversary!

Elanor Took | 13/07/2013

Hope you've had a great anniversary whether it was doing big things or just the all important little family things that are what's worth living for. You deserve to celebrate. Warrior, I salute you!

Today's News

Linda | 12/06/2013

What brilliant news, Emma. Lorraine has been keeping me up to date with your progress. Hopefully we can catch up again some day xx


Rachel | 12/06/2013

I'm still enjoying reading your fantastic news – I am sure that all of us who have been reading your blog are jumping with joy wherever we are. And Emma, never ever EVER apologise – you never chose cancer! R x

latest post

anne | 28/05/2013

Such amazing writing Em, its lovely to read and hear you say kick arse to cancer xx


Elaine Edwards | 27/05/2013

What a great writer you are. This is full of inspiration and humour xx


Anne | 18/05/2013

Em, this is so good, i hope you are finding it a help, you are so strong, cannot believe the surgery details, your personality comes through in buckets. keep kicking the cancer, it has had enough of you xx

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