Happy Cancer-versary

13/07/2013 09:24

Well here we are. One year on. Last year on Friday 13th July (dun-da-dah) we got hit with the sledgehammer. A big, rusty, ole' mean one. I now have two birthdays (like the Queen!). One BC (Before Cancer) which was filled with 43 trouble-free, chugging along, happy years. And the other one. 1 AD (After Diagnosis). And although I am scarred to hell physically, emotionally and mentally I am doing bloody great, thank you very much. 

You see, it has been tough, It has been shitty. I guess you guys already know that. Sorry for being so - like - obvious.  And we have had lots of tears on the journey. But we have also had lots of laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. I remember lauging so much in hospital after my DIEP I was crying (although it was blooming painful!). I have  been lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing family and wonderful friends. I have met some great people on the way. And, I feel empowered. I beat it and I have got this far. So I intend to keep on going. 

I feel like I can breath again. I saw Mr Bond the other week and he said everything post-op is looking good with the recon. So good in fact I can probably get discharged soon. He is happy for them to do the tattoo at Guildford too. And he said "Come back in three months so we can have a chat. I like to see you and I like our chats". He is such a cutie pie. Dr D'Darcy unfortunately was other wise engaged. It's probably just as well - I think I embarrassed myself last time. 

And the brain scan was clear. (I think they found a brain!). Whatever is causing the headaches (methinks it is probably the poxy Tamoxifen) it's nothing sinister. There are no cancerous brain mets lurking about undetected. So I will have to put up with the headaches - which is fine (for now at any rate). I can deal with it. I can deal with pretty much anything. Even stupid, flipping cancer!

And the sleeve I have for my lymphodema is helping with the nice zigzig, Harry Potter scar on my arm. It looks rather good now. Mr Bond said he was sorry about it. I told him not to be. I am rather proud of it. It is a reminder that I kick butt!

And we have lots to look forward. Sunshine! Yay! Reading - OMG - Fall Out Boy - I am sorry I will have to blog about this and bore you all mental. And other stuff too. Mainly normal stuff - like seeing my kids off to school. Taking my dog for a walk. Buying clothes. Etcetera, etcetra.

So how am I spending my anniversary? Well it is going to be the hottest day of the year. My hubbie and son are paintballing (my son's belated 11th birthday carried over from last year because I was too poorly and we couldn't think straight). I think that is appropriate - blasting stuff. I am going to fill up the paddling pool and we can chill in it later. And we have family over for a BBQ. So all in all a good day to celebrate life, friends and family. And to be thankful for what we have. And to be proud for how far we have come. And to be pleased that we got the son-of-a-bitch. Its been a team effort. Go Team "Die-you-cancer-sucker-die!". 

And to hope we never, ever have to go back into the dark, dark woods again. But, just in case we do, I will make sure I am prepared. Flamethrowers, torches, lasers, music, comedy, wine - they are all coming with me. And I won't get fooled again.....