"Too Young to Feel This Old"

28/01/2014 08:56

Well actually, no. I am really rather old now you know. I have reached my prime and I am now on the spiralling downward, descending slope to middle-age and beyond. Which has gone past slippery and is positively lubricious! Yet I am not quite ready for a zimmer frame or a stannah stairlift. Although, yesterday, I felt extremely old and frail and stiff. I blame it all on the pogo-ing. Which I probably should not be doing at my age or in my condition.

You see Jess and I (along with my wonderful friend Tina and her sister-in-law) went to a gig on Sunday. WHAT? Another gig? Are you mad, insane? Yes. 

I promised Jess. And a promise is a promise. So anyway, we went to the Album Launch Party of "Cavalier Youth" by You Me at Six in Kingston on Sunday evening. It was a bit mental. There were approx 500 sweaty, screaming, hysterical young girls, a few boys and even less Mums and Dads. And Me. And I jumped. T o  e v e r y  s i n g l e  t r a c k. It was a brilliant set. Stand out favourites "Stay with Me" and "Underdog" (I am old skool).

But the best bit, definitely for Jess, was that at the end of the gig, we all had an opportunity to meet the band at the signing. I went on ahead as (a) I am old (b) I am embaraasing (c) I cramp Jess's style and (d) she had found a new friend who said she would get her a hug with Josh. This is Josh:-

So I went first and, although the management said "One thing only to be signed and only the CD" I blagged the CD and the Ticket (Please could you sign this for my daughter....they can NEVER say No to Mums!). And Jess went up with her new friend, Kirsty, and got a hug from Josh (oh,my!). And they asked the band photographer to take a picture of her t-shirt as it was "old skool" - Big Thanks to Tina for giving it to Jess - as it was merch from one of their first gigs at the Boilerroom from years ago. 


If you are wondering what it was like - watch the link below. Be warned - it is R O C K music, it's supposed to be shouty!


Copyright You Me At Six and Banquet Records. I own nothing.

I go back and see Warrior Prince next week. I am rather looking forward to him signing me off for a bit and not having to go back for six months. And getting on with my life.  Although I will miss his smile. (Sad face...)

My hubbie and I were chatting on the way to Woking station this morning. And we both said "YOLO" (I can hear Jess groaning - Mum its NOT cool when you say it!) But it kinda sums things up. You only get one shot. Enjoy it. Savour it. Do crazy things (within reason - health + safety, personal responsibility, + all that). LIVE!

I bloody intend to!