Side-Effects? What side-effects?

27/12/2012 18:40

Chemo - what a blast! I am so glad it is done! 

I have some great side effects!

(1) A lovely limp and a sore hip. - I have been scanned and x-ray-ed to within an inch of my life. I am assured that there is nothing sin-is-ter going on - at all! The hip pain is a legacy of the Taxotere. Which kills your nerve endings. Its fun like that.

(2) Periods of falling over - I have occasional bouts of falling over. This is caused by Low Blood Pressure I am realiably informed. Not that anyone has taken my blood pressure to actually check this out. I also have periods of walking like I have drunk several bottles of wine. I weave and stagger. This would be acceptable if I was drunk, but I am not!

(3) Hair loss - This is the Daddy of side effects. I have lost all the hair on my head, including eyebrows and eyelashes. I have also lost hair pretty much every where else, except for my legs - which I still have to shave - how very blooming annoying!!!!

(4) Memory loss - I have what is classically called "chemo brain" or "chemo fog". This results in me doing silly things, like putting the keys in the fridge and forgetting where I have parked the car.

(5) Mouth ulcers - these are sore and very unpleasant. 

(6) Weight gain and moonface - thanks to the steroids, I have put on several pounds. I really needed that on top of everything else!

or and I forgot! How could I forget?

(7) Hot flashes and Mood Swings - I get hot, take everything off, then I I get cold, put it all back on again. This is especially so at night time. Its all fun and games! I do not like living in a sauna. Chemo has put me into premature menopause. Not bloody fun I can assure you.