One Lump or Two?

21/04/2013 19:16

Ok. Its official. I am starting to get a bit stressed now. Just a little bit. Ok. Scratch that. A lot stressed.

I had a bath last night. I know there is nothing unusual in nightly ablutions. But, when you have Breast Cancer, a nightly bath can take a turn for the worst.  I think I have found another lump. Its feels weird. It doesn't feel like the first lump. And I am not sure it is even something to worry about. But it is definitely there. It is in the same breast but higher up, near my sternum. Which is not good. If its a lump. How could it be? It can't bloody well effing grow that quick surely not? It must be some kind of mutant cancer to grow that quick. 

I suppose I will have to bother my Consultant again. I kinda of don't want to bother him again. He must have better things to do. And also I don't want to look like a complete shmuck. After all, I consider myself a bit "knowledgable" on all the Breast Cancer crap now. My street cred will take a hammering if I am panicking over nothing. My BC "homies" will laugh in my face when they hear that I have been a scaredy pants.

Sheesh. Flipping sick of this cancer crap now. Pass me the bloody wine....