I have a Stalker. Her name is CanCer.

06/04/2013 06:33

She is an evil son-of-a-bitch. Like a poisionous vine, she twists around my leg. I try to shake free but her grip justs get tighter. I drag her along. She just laughs. She is enjoying the ride.

She is everywhere. Omnipresent. She is in head and in my thoughts. Constantly She is in my dreams She whispers in my ear, in the middle of the night. Her breath is fetid poision. "I am here. Inside youuuuu. I will never leave you."

She is everything. All around me. When I watch TV, she is there in the background. Waiting for me. She is always on the tip of my tongue in conversation. She is on the Internet. And Twitter. And Facebook. And she is always at the end of a phone. 

She likes to play. But not in a nice way. She likes to play with your mind and mess up your life. She demands immediate attention, like a toddler having a temper trantrum. She stamps her feet and shakes her fist, saying "Don't forget about me. Not now. Not ever." She will mess up your plans. You learn to drop everything. Rearrange your diary. Ask family and friends to look after your children and take you to hospital at the drop of a hat.

She doesn't care who you are. Man or Woman, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter. She will consume anyone in her path. Like a malignant tsunami, she will ride over you and all in her wake.

She is always there. Sitting on my shoulder. Poking me in the back. Prodding me. Cackling. "I am here. I am inside you. You can never shake me off. I will NEVER leaveeeeeeeeee".

And she is in there. Growing. Feeding on me. Consuming me. Like an evil necromancer, she has buried into my soul. She kicks out her poison. Sometime it feels like she is omnipotent.

And I realise that I need to fight her. I need to stay strong. I need to fight dirty. And I need to keep on fighting. I cannot let her win. 

So Blaah Cancer. You suck. And I rock!