"I am not afraid to keep on living"

04/08/2013 11:31

Famous Last Words. My favourite MCR song. Sadly, My Chemical Romance is no more. But their music lives on. And that's the great thing about music - its immortal. I never thought about mortality until recently. And I certainly don't want to live forever. 

The 12th Doctor wil be unveiled tonite. And that got me thinking about the whole time travel/living forever thing. And a TARDIS sounds like a really good piece of kit. But as we all know, you can't change the past. That would create a paradox, or a wormhole into another dimension, or a yawning black hole. Who knows what mischief could be caused by changing the past or tampering with the future. Nothing can be written in stone. It is all fluid. In flux. We just have to make the best of it. But I did think that if you want a time machine, you can use an iPod, or a Radio, or a CD Player or a Gramaphone or any other device that plays muscial tunes. And play it loud. Because music is magical. It can take you back in the past or fast forward you to the future. It can root you in the present. It has a unique ability to transport you back to perfect times in your life - like your wedding day (we had The Cranberries). So long live the music!

This has been a week of haircuts. We have all had one, including the dog. My hair was starting to look a bit like Eraserhead. I had it cut for the first time in a year. Yes, you heard me right - a YEAR. How the time flies when you are having fun. Now it looks a bit like Briget Nielsen in Red Sonja (but without the mullet back bit)! 

ERASERHEAD Vs RED SONJA - who do you will win???

I still have my cough - two weeks now and counting! Two visits to the GP and three weeks worth of antibiotics - hopefully that should blooming well fix it!

Grandad is dog and house-sitting as we all off tomorrow on our holidays. And I don't intend to bring the stalker with me. She is staying behind. She is not getting packed in the suitcase, or accompanying us on the plane. She has no business coming on holiday with us. We will deal with her on our return. I am sure she will remind us all of her presence when we get back. No doubt she will spring some nasty surprise on us as soon as we return to Blighty. 

If you see her lurking about, you ain't seen me, right?